• Safety

    Safety of our personnel, as well as the owner’s employees, is of utmost importance to Liberty Construction Services. From concrete foundations, heavy mechanical installation, civil or light steel construction, safety is emphasized and practiced throughout all processes.

  • Field Personnel

    For every project, Liberty Construction Services utilizes a core group of experienced field personnel for overall site construction. Our team of field personnel possesses experience in all areas of the industry, self-performing our work enables us to control both schedule and quality.

  • Limiting Downtime

    Liberty Construction Services realizes that downtime costs money. Liberty helps owners schedule maintenance and retro-fit work in order to keep outages to a minimum.

  • Services

    • Plate Burning
    • Welding
    • Drilling
    • Fitting
    • Purchasing
    • Sand Blasting & Painting
    • Component Assembly
    • Freight Management